Our 2020 Holiday Match Campaign went over the top. More than 40 of you contributed; last time I looked, the average donation was a bit over $60 each. Your generosity--and your efforts in getting your friends and neighbors involved--paid off.

Thanks to you, we are able to pay our rent, keep our office open and active, and--most important of all--commit again to do all of the community outreach, party-building, and recruitment and support of great candidates for local races.

Stacy Abrams just showed us what could be done:  She and other organizers have been working hard for over a decade to activate potential voters; it was, and is, a long-term project.  In the early hours this morning, we all learned that two Democrats, Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff, had defeated the two corrupt Republican senators in Georgia. And, so, the Senate is now blue, too. A bit.


Douglas County is a very red county.  But, you know what? Georgia itself was a deep red state 10 years ago, red as the Georgia clay. But through hard work, and never giving up, Georgia flipped to blue on November 3, and on January 5!

YOU can do that, right here at home.  WE can do that, together. Yes, we can.

We made rent.  Now we need to fund postcards, newsletters, and other snail-mail. We will need technology upgrades. Canvassing forms and door-hangers for the time some weeks from now, when we can actually go door-to-door, and when we can again set up tables at community events.  So we can host picnics and other gatherings. It wouldn't hurt to buy volunteers a bit water or a few snacks, either.  Maybe a candy-bowl in the office, for visitors.

We are in it for the long-haul.  We hope you are, too

That long-haul will take money, and it will take your efforts.  Won't you commit now to monthly donations, so we can plan our strategy for the rest of the year, and beyond?

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