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Is your local or state government representing your interests? We need all hands on deck to strengthen the influence of progressive Democrats in this conservative, good 'ole boy county.


There are dozens of ways that you can help.

Volunteers are the heart of our organization. Opportunities are available that suit your personality and your talents. Are you a people person? Maybe you would like to work at our office, staff our fair booth, staff tables at local events (especially in the summer), march in parades. Perhaps you would rather work behind the scenes. You could write letters to the editor, help with fundraisers, coordinate events or set up booths and tables, join a committee, election canvassing, phone banking. The list goes on. Fill out our volunteer form here.

And always remember, volunteering is a great way to meet like-minded people!

Become a Precinct Committee Person. PCPs are the lifeblood of the party. You represent your neighborhood. You vote in our meetings. You make things happen. click here

Be a Neighborhood Leader. The Neighborhood Leader Program more actively engages your local friends and neighbors. Say hello. Send postcards. Get out the vote! click here

Run for office! We are looking for Democrats with a strong sense of civic duty to run for office.  If anyone ever told you, "you should run for office,"  if you know someone who would make a good candidate, or if you would like to help with recruiting and supporting our candidates, click here.

Attend a Central Committee meeting. Meetings are held every month via Zoom. All are welcome! Please call our office at 541-672-8803 to be added to the monthly Zoom invitation.

Sign up to receive our monthly newsletter. click here

Vote in every election! To register to vote, click here.

To update your voter information or to check on your ballot, click here.

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