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You can help grow the grassroots of the Democratic Party of Douglas County by becoming a Neighborhood Leader!


​Neighborhood leaders make personal contact with about 35 of their neighbors who are Democratic voters. Informing them about current candidates, issues, and ballot measures and encouraging them to vote.

We know that direct contact with voters is the most effective way of increasing turnout during elections; direct contact is also the best way to communicate our progressive values and accomplishments.

Results matter and Neighborhood Leaders make a difference in voter turnout! As a trusted neighbor you have more credibility than TV, radio, internet, and the talking heads of the media echo machine.


We prepare a list and map of Democratic voters in your neighborhood.

We notify you when we have a special “Get Out the Vote” campaign and of county party candidates and positions so you can begin talking to your neighbors.

When you have completed your list, you can return your results to our office or enter your data in our NLP website directly.

Staying engaged with our Democratic neighbors is the most effective way to make a difference in Douglas County, in Oregon, and in the nation.

Start making a difference now.

SIGN UP TO BE A NEIGHBORHOOD LEADER! We will provide you with training and necessary resources and support.

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