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Tax Credit information


Free money! Oregon provides a tax credit of $50 per taxpayer ($100 for joint-filers), per year, for donations to political parties. Not a tax deduction, mind you, but a tax credit that is like free money you can give to the Democratic Party of Douglas County. If you already gave, thank you; and don't forget to claim it when you file in April. Or you can give now, at ActBlue .


In just a few clicks, you can redeem free money to promote Democratic candidates and values in Douglas County. The dollars you invest with us stay in Douglas County. We are all unpaid volunteers. We use the money to pay rent and utilities, buy supplies and signs for campaigns, and support local candidates. (Note: if you make more than $75,000 per year or more than $150,000 for joint filers, you are not eligible. But we'd still love a donation


Free flags! Make 2022 the year that we make it abundantly clear that the American flag belongs to all of us. You can buy a gorgeous flag at our office ($50). You can also--maybe--win a free one. Just read our January newsletter when it is sent to you in a few days for details.


Free newsletter! Coming to your email inbox in a few days, with lots of Democratic information, news, people, pictures, ideas for New Year's Resolutions, and more. And a chance at a free flag ($50 value).


Thank You from the Douglas County Democratic Party and Happy Holidays!

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