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Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife Sues Winchester Water Control District and others for $27 million.
Read the complaint here
Also please review the two PDF docs from WaterWatch

Urgent Action Needed

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Dear Democrats and Allies: 


At the August 2023 Democratic Party of Douglas County Central Committee meeting, we voted to support efforts to address the problems with Winchester Dam (WD). This includes taking action to let our representatives at various local, state and federal levels know that we want the laws enforced by the agencies responsible, up to and including removal of Winchester Dam.


Various groups in the state have been working for years to address environmental concerns that the dam is causing.  There is also some evidence that shows that the the mere existence of the dam violates Oregon law because it has no public benefit required to dam our collective waterways. Your local Democratic Party will be working to support community efforts to solve this problem now. One you can help with today.    


Below is a letter from one of the groups, Water Watch, that has some specific action you can take right now from the comfort of your home.  Please take a few minutes to join us in asking our representatives to get involved now.


If you were to use any of the links below or the "Take Action" button the right side of this email and fill out your information, the system will send the letter to the legislators or other recipients as indicated.


In the coming weeks, we will be sending out information about other community actions regarding the Winchester Dam. Stay tuned. 


Thank you,

Democratic Party of Douglas County


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