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Sign up for the DPO Platform Convention


Want to help shape the Legislative Agenda of the Democratic Party of Oregon (DPO) for the next two years? And to set the Party platform? Sign up to be a Douglas County Delegate to the DPO Platform Convention and help shape the future.


The DPO will be holding their 2022 Platform Convention on December 10th through December 12th in Happy Valley, Oregon. This will be an in-person event.


Delegates to the Convention are allocated to the county parties based on the number of registered Democrats in the county. The Douglas County Democrats have been allocated 19 delegates and 7 alternates for this convention. These Delegates and Alternates must be elected by the Central Committee. If the races are non-competitive, meaning that if we have 19 volunteers, Delegates may be appointed by acclimation.


As a Delegate, you will help finalize the rules for the Convention, participate in break-out groups on topics of special interest to you and Douglas County, help craft the language of the Platform and vote for the Legislative Action Items and Platform Planks that you believe serve the best interests of our community. It is a fascinating exercise in democracy and a wonderful opportunity to meet and talk with fellow Democrats from all over the state.


Any Douglas County Democrat, registered as a Democrat for at least 6 months, may be a delegate to the Convention.

If you are interested, please contact me, or attend our Central Committee meeting on Thursday, Oct 21, where we will be selecting delegates and alternates. If you are not currently receiving our email meeting announcements, let us know.


Learn more about the Convention at: https://dpo.org/2021-platform-convention/


Contact us through our website at: www.douglasdemocrats.net/contact  or on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/DouglasCountyDemocratsOR or email vicechair@douglasdemocrats.net