I Sent Mitt Romney a Thank-You Letter

By Bradford Connatser, Tech Manager and Webmaster

The Romney-versus-trump saga predates Senator Romney’s 2016 denunciation of trump. Our worst president actually supported Senator Romney’s 2012 presidential campaign, which makes all of the dagger wound’s to trump’s gizzards even more painful. As early as mid-2015, Romney honed his dagger and used it, criticizing trump for dishonoring Senator John McCain (“trump shot himself down,” Romney Tweeted, referring to McCain’s bombing mission over North Vietnam, where he was shot down over Hanoi and taken as a prisoner, whereas trump complained that he had a bone spur, which magically won him a medical deferment). In that same year, Romney predicted that trump would lose (didn’t we all?), called trump’s language childish and hurtful.


Romney and trump seemed to make up after trump won the election. And then, trump started acting like trump. A true, solid bigot-in-chief. In August of 2017, the president famously stated that there were “very fine people, on both sides,” referring to the protests against the removal of a Robert E. Lee statue in Charlottesville, where hate groups replete with white supremacists and neo-Nazis had gathered to and violently clashed with peaceful counter-protesters. Romney—standing alone—slammed the president for his divisive words.

Just as trump endorsed Romney for president, he endorsed Romney when he ran for the senate seat vacated by the retirement of Orrin Hatch in 2018. He would eventually win that seat. In the meantime, he continued to criticize trump, while the republicans in the house and senate plugged their ears with cabbage and sat on their hands (as they continue to do). President trump sided with Putin over his own intelligent agencies. Unwarranted and disgusting criticisms of true hero John McCain. The disingenuous interpretation and distortion of the Mueller report. Dirty dealings with Ukraine. Egregious abandonment of the Kurds. All condemned by Romney in no uncertain terms.

The president called for Romney’s ouster and called him a secret asset of the democrats. And then, the president was impeached, and the senate started its trial to adjudicate trump’s fate. Two republican senators—Romney and Susan Collins—voted to allow additional witnesses. In the end, Romney alone on the GOP side of the aisle voted to convict trump. Imagine this act of courage. No other senator—in the history of the United States—has voted to remove from office a president in his/her party.


Romney continues to commit courageous acts. Marching with the very protesters (against police violence) whom the president called “terrorists,” stating unequivocally that Black Lives Matter, fighting the dangerous slobber of misinformation about the pandemic spewing from the White House. Mitt Romney is a warrior. I'm a liberal democrat—dyed in the wool. But I cast away allegiance to party and urge every reader of this opinion piece to contact Senator Romney and encourage him to keep up the pressure to deny trump a second term.

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