Fight to the Finish for the Senate 50/50 Fund


It’s been a long and difficult campaign, but it’s not over yet! Control of the Senate hangs on two Senate seats in Georgia, both of which are run-off elections to be held on January 5th. The Democratic contenders are Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff. If both democratic contenders win, the Senate will consist of 50 Republican Senators and 50 Democratic Senators, and Kamala Harris, as the President of the Senate, will break all ties by casting the deciding vote. We must take control of the Senate to prevent Mitch McConnell from sabotaging President Biden’s policy agenda. It’s all or nothing now!


Your donation to the Fight to the Finish for the Senate will be split 50/50 between Fair Fight (Stacey Abram’s organization) and the Democratic Party of Douglas County. Abram’s organization fights voter suppression and will be critical for turning out Georgia voters. Our share will be used to help her cause and improve our capabilities here in Douglas County to support our Democratic candidates in the May 2021 elections. Whatever happens on the national stage, we will always have local elections to support.

Keep fighting to take our country back and donate now!






Volunteer to turn out voters in Georgia at any of the many organizations now focusing on these two seats. Here are a few examples. We can and we must take these seats!


Raphael Warnock Phone Banks:


Jon Ossoff Phone Banks:

Swing Left Flip the Senate:

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