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04/08/2021 Why is WinCo going where it's going?

04/06/2021 Oregon's children have suffered enough!

04/06/2021 Let's clear up a few things that have been said

04/02/2021 Native fish you say? How are they native?

03/30/2021 Senseless violence — with or without a gun — is a violation of our rights

03/28/2021 Why are Republicans rushing to defend the British Monarchy

03/28/2021 Solutions require digging deeper than expected

03/25/2021 Dallas Heard Doesn't Represent Me

03/24/2021 What's it going to take for the vaccine to reach us?

03/24/2021 Follow the path to enlightenment that suits you best

03/23/2021 Respect each other by respecting the trail designations

03/23/2021 Imagination Library provides many fresh books to read

03/18/2021 Guest Column: Public health is about who lives, who dies

03/18/2021 I'm not so sure the blessing of the church is a good thing

03/17/2021 An ode to the year lost to COVID-19

03/16/2021 Guest Column: Fear and What It Says about Our Community


03/16/2021 Eight minutes for a commissioner's meeting seems very brief

03/16/2021 Where is the real center of American politics?

03/14/2021 Meddling outsiders or invested alumni?

03/14/2021 Equality Act is a needed protection for all

03/14/2021 Remember when both parties were civil and resolute?

03/09/2021 We need to remember our past to improve our future

03/09/2021 Mobile showers are a sign of how a community cares

03/09/2021 Democrats aren't the hateful, malicious band you paint them as

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