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01/19/2021 Is Dallas Heard Douglas County's own Captain Queeg?

01/19/2021 Turning in a business isn't about trying to shut them down

01/19/2021 Separating immigrant children from parents is wrong

01/15/2021 We're lucky to have Police Chief Klopfenstein

01/15/2021 Chief Klopfenstein has been enforcing the law, not bending it

01/14/2021 First responders, medical professionals at greatest risk from the maskless

01/14/2021 Hypocrite? I can shoulder that label

01/14/2021 If things had only been different, life would be easier

01/13/2021 Come on Dallas, be a real hero and wear a mask

01/13/2021 Our peaceful transfer of power sets us apart

01/12/2021 Thank you to Sherriff Hanlin and Representative Gary Leif

01/11/2021 Climate change is smacking us in the face

01/11/2021 World chaos, domestic insurrection and homelessness

01/11/2021 There's a connection between Brown's actions and COVID-19 case rates.

01/11/2021 I will not be intimidated or silenced

01/11/2021 Find the truth, build the trust, keep our democracy free

01/11/2021 What's the difference between Dallas Heard and a gang slogan?

01/09/2021 Don't let last Wednesday be a elegy for our democracy

01/09/2021 What are we to believe, fact or fiction?

01/07/2021 Could Dallas Heard's antics be a cry for attention

01/07/2021 Appalled by state senator's ongoing behavior

01/05/2021 Political drama with no basis in facts is hijacking our nation

01/02/2021 The only poll that matters was taken Nov. 3

01/01/2021 Fixing an election, how exactly is it done?

12/29/2020 Appreciative of unbiased coverage, local content in newspaper

12/28/2020 Wearing a mask isn't an infringement on your freedom

12/28/2020 Wearing a mask is a sign of servanthood

12/28/2020 Questions for a state senator to answer

12/28/2020 There is a difference between a democracy and a theocracy

12/28/2020 Protesting a face mask is very selfish behavior

12/24/2020 It's been an embarrassing week in Douglas County

12/22/2020 Denial of reality leaves the rest of us in charge

12/18/2020  Produce prices may see a healthy increase

12/17/2020 What's left to understand about election?

12/15/2020 Guest Column: Is this proper use of funds?

12/09/2020 Douglas County is a caring place to live

12/06/2020 It's long past due for president to concede

12/06/2020 Reality hits home when COVID-19 affects you

12/02/2020 New law will help keep special interests out of our elections

11/30/2020 Guest Column: Jury, judge in murder trial did exceptional job

11/29/2020 We don't need bad air with an airborne disease floating around

11/27/2020 We haven't left all of our problems behind us

11/24/2020 We need to move on from this childish tantrum

11/24/2020 Effort to overturn election result makes no sense

11/24/2020 Heroes live among us — and are teaching our children

11/20/2020 Guest Column: Current Supreme Court case has Roseburg roots

11/19/2020 Self harm, doing harm make no sense at all

11/15/2020 Donald Trump needs to finish coming out of hiding

11/15/2020 Trump's lawsuits reek of ulterior motives

11/11/2020 Democracy is in a state of 'survive and advance'

11/10/2020 We all have a lot more in common than you might think














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