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10/25/2020 Kat Stone is qualified, believes in transparency

10/25/2020 Vote like the fate of our democracy depends on it

10/25/2020 Administration has neglected the American people

10/23/2020 DeFazio looks to work with everyone

10/23/2020 Kat Stone will fight for answers in the Oregon Legislature

10/23/2020 Idaho moving to us would actually cost more

10/23/2020 Separating families for years is insupportable

10/21/2020 Dr. Powell is the one who should 'follow the science'

10/21/2020 Doctor's guest column was completely off base

10/20/2020  Guest Column: Failed leadership has led to unnecessary death toll

10/20/20 Nurse deserves your vote in November

10/20/2020 Kat Stone will do the job she's elected to do

10/16/2020 DeFazio has worked hard for us through the years

10/15/2020 Skarlatos needs more experience to be in Congress

10/14/2020 Skarlatos needs more experience to be in Congress

10/14/2020 Thank you for publishing COVID-19 updates

10/13/2020 Stone will represent us better than Heard

10/11/2020 Forest mismanagement has caused our problems

10/1/2020 Letter: The president and I paid the same amount of taxes

9/30/2020 Please have common sense about COVID-19

9/30/2020 Heard's past missteps delegitimize his candidacy

9/30/2020 Popular vote is the way to go during election

9/29/2020 We're setting a terrible example for our kids

9/20/2020 Mitch McConnell showed us all his true colors

9/13/2020 Fires just another trial during a long year

9/13/2020 Trump has been disastrous for climate

9/13/2020 What would happen if Trump is reelected?

9/10/2020 Trump comments show he does not honor soldiers

9/6/2020 Soldiers are not suckers or losers

9/6/2020 DeFazio is smart vote for timber industry

9/4/2020 Trump is full of lies, and Biden can unite us

9/4/2020 Consider this before voting for Trump

9/3/2020 Vote to get rid of systematic racism

9/3/2020 Learn how to approach politics like civilized humans

9/2/2020 Why is Skarlatos qualified to be our representative

9/1/2020 Trump is failing to handle America's crisis

8/22/2020 Commissioners using COVID-19 to halt public comments

8/21/2020 You may not like him, but Trump is ignorant

8/19/2020 Douglas County should be wary of Trump's strategies

8/14/2020 Be respectful of your neighbor's political opinions

8/14/2020 Heard spoke differently about BLM protests, Malheur occupation

8/12/2020 Will you vote to terminate Medicare and Social Security?

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