Letter from the Chair

February 2021


It’s going to be a full February for Douglas County Democrats! We have local elections coming up in May, and there will be over 200 opportunities for YOU to jump in and make a difference from the ground up! From Fire and Water Districts to School Boards, volunteers are needed to make important decisions for our county institutions.

This is where we build a base for democracy in Douglas County. Be willing and courageous. Step up and run for one of the positions available in your district. We have to be able to step out of our comfort zone to participate in the process or nothing will ever change in our county.

The work of finding candidates for these local positions is of special attention to each Precinct Committee Person. PCPs are the folks who have committed to growing our party, and this is one of the ways they can be of help--being willing to fill one of these positions, asking friends to run for a position, calling neighbors, being part of this process.

On a more personal note: After more than a month as your Chair for the Democratic Party of Douglas County, I realize this is a very time-consuming job if it is to be done right. There are numerous forums and meetings to attend, people to connect with, kudos to be given, apologies to be made, strategizing, fundraising, paperwork . . . so much learning for this novice.

Luckily for me, our incredible Executive Committee Members and Support Volunteers have hit the ground running. They are all doing their jobs with enthusiasm and a willingness to work together as a strong team. But we cannot carry this load alone. We need YOUR PARTICIPATION! Discover what it means to be part of the solution. Run for a county position in your area. A small step, a big difference!

Thank you to all the folks that have been writing Letters to the Editor. The voices being represented in the News Review are diverse and many. Keep it up!

Thank you for all you do,


Connie Page

Chair, The Democratic Party of Douglas County

742 SE Cass Ave

PO Box 931

Roseburg, OR 97470


Tel: 541-672-8803

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