Letter from the Chair

January 2021


There is a lot to fix here. When I see images of strife, rage, anger, insurrection, and our beloved and now-defiled U.S. Capitol, I think of all that we have to do to repair us. The damage is not limited to “out there.” We need to rebuild our neighborhood connections, our wounded friendships, our tattered local government. We need to, once again, educate ourselves on what it means to be a democratic nation and then step forward to act. It is going to take passion, patience, hard work, and acceptance of change.


How can you help? Tip O’Neill, long-time Speaker of the House, often opined that, “All politics is local.” So start by volunteering within your local community. Help out where you see a need. Pledge your talents to a community effort to make us better, to make us whole. Support those groups that are working to improve the lives of others. Write letters. Make phone calls. Donate.




If you think that you can lend a shoulder to the wheel as America begins to heal itself, the Democratic Party of Douglas County would love to hear from you. As the new Chair of the local Party, I invite you to contact me with fresh ideas on growing democratic values in Douglas County, on how you can help.


Choose courage,


Connie Page

Chair, The Democratic Party of Douglas County

742 SE Cass Ave

PO Box 931

Roseburg, OR 97470


Tel: 541-672-8803

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