In the next few days, I will be following up with our elected officials to explain our hopes for how they can use these documents to govern and prioritize the issues in front of them. 


We should all be very proud of these documents. They represent our vision for Oregon and the nation. While our interests are varied and expansive, our platform fittingly reflects our values.


As our Platform preamble states: “At a time when our nation is suffering under misguided leadership that seeks to divide us and turn back the clock to a supposed “greater” America, we declare that the greatness of our nation is in its diversity and its ability to move forward with full understanding of our historical strengths and weaknesses. We invite all Oregonians to join us in affirming our determination that Oregon become a beacon of opportunity, tolerance, and freedom.” 


In solidarity, 


Jeanne Atkins

State Party Chair

Democratic Party of Oregon

After months of hard work, today we are releasing the Democratic Party of Oregon’s 2018 Platform and Legislative Action Items


These documents are a testament to the many ways that Democrats are united under shared values. 


My special thanks to Valdez Bravo and Wanda Davis, Chair and Vice Chair of our 2018 Platform Convention, which was held March 16th-18th in Salem.