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Statement From Democratic Party of Oregon  Chair KC Hanson and Vice Chair Rosa Colquitt


As expected, the U.S. Supreme Court eviscerated reproductive rights and the self-determination of over half the U.S. population.  Pregnant?  According to SCOTUS, you are an incubator, not a person.


Want to prevent your pregnancy?  According to Justice Clarence Thomas, contraception is next on the right wing majority’s hit list.


Think you are safe in Oregon?  Radical right wing politicians just got a boost of adrenaline in their efforts to nationally ban abortion.

More than any decision in our lifetimes, this disastrous ruling by SCOTUS makes it clear that every election and every vote matters.  Today’s ruling was ushered in by the “protest” votes (or non-votes) of past elections.  Some have taken democracy for granted. Some have taken our rights for granted.

No more.

Let today’s anger channel into fervent activism.  Let our heartbreak motivate our devoted engagement. Each of us has power within our individual strengths, but even greater power in our collective strengths working together.  The vast majority of Americans are with us; it’s our calling to make sure they vote.


FREEDOM is on the Ballot. It’s up to us to protect our rights. We start NOW.


Carla “KC” Hanson, Chair

Rosa Colquitt, Vice Chair

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