Meeting Schedule

Please join us for the Douglas County Democrats’ monthly meeting--on Thursday, June 28th at Chi’s Garden Restaurant, 528 S.E. Stephens Street in Roseburg. 

This meeting will highlight organization and development that are critical to our campaign from now until November. Thanks to all of you who have stepped forward, we have an unprecedented number of Precinct Committee Persons and other passionate Democrats in Douglas County, ready and eager for Victory. We will focus on activities to keep control of the White House, and to elect a Democratic majority in both houses of Congress, so that we can protect our democracy from a rabidly conservative Supreme Court.

Democracy begins with us. All of us.

Dinner is at 5:00,  The program begins at 6:00, with a short business meeting beginning at 7:00. For more information call the Democratic Party Headquarters at 541-672-8803 during business hours or Party Chair Dean Byers at 541-672-8094 


The Women in Black meet in front of the BLM office every Friday from 12:30 to 1:00 to demonstrate for peace against violence. (Attendence is NOT limited to women. Anyone who feels that violence is not a tool of discussion is welcome to attend)