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Lorna Hayden, Chair

Lorna was raised in the Redwood forests of Mendocino County in Northern California. She attended Fort Bragg CA High School and graduated from Point Arena High. Lorna has a BA in International Relations and attended the UC Davis School of Ed. Internship Program. She first taught sixth grade in Sacramento CA and moved to Oregon in 1972. Lorna taught for over 20 years in the Glendale Oregon School District. Her political activities involve the Glendale Ed. Association (GEA) and Oregon Ed. Association (OEA). Lorna moved to the Green District of Roseburg in 2006 and worked the phone bank with her friend and mentor, Karen Famous. In 2008 Lorna was elected as the Vice Chair and ran the canvass and data entry arms of the Obama campaign. She also served as delegate to the State Central Committee. She was reelected to both positions in 2010.


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